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Orisenc was founded in October of 2009 as an RFID, Sensors and Surveillance house with the goal of providing hardware and Security solutions from an ethical company that truly represented their customers’ best interest. In 2011, Orisenc got incorporated as a private limited company and quickly expanded into end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions. 

Over the years, we have developed committed partnerships with dozens of leading manufacturers to provide improved business outcomes to customers through best of purpose IT solutions. 
With these resources and partnerships, we established ourselves as one of South India’s largest privately held IT solution providers, selling hardware, solutions, services, cloud, support, and more.

Since our inception Orisenc has grown year to year – the success we attribute to the loyalty we show both our customers and our employees - and we look to further establish ourselves as a premier IT solutions and technology provider. 


Why Choose Orisenc Services?

  • Our superior technical expertise.

  • You need server, storage, and networking coverage and resources.

  • We're one of the largest privately held VAR's in the industry.

  • We're available 24/7/365 by e-mail, phone to meet agreed SLAs.

  • Our team of over twenty engineers is constantly testing and providing solutions around our core server, storage, and networking competencies.

  • We're a comprehensive, best-purpose IT solution provider helping customers reduce spend and simplify through consolidation, virtualization, and optimization.

  • Our strong business ethics intended to protect our clients.

  • Orisenc is a customer-centric and vendor agnostic service provider.