Data Storage Assessment 

In this comprehensive assessment, Orisenc will identify long-lasting performance issues and bottlenecks, capacity usage and importantly calculate the workloads.

Confidential and secure data collection 

  1. We will guide your team to collect data using native array-based tools

  2. Once you share the data, our storage engineers will start analyzing the collected data - such as

    • Hardware/software used

    • Workload - IOPS, Response time, Read/Write %, IO size

    • Assets analysis - Inventory of the devices, and capacity usages

  3. Our storage engineers will share a prioritized plan of action to address critical issues

The outcome 

In our report, you will get the following outcomes:

  1. Peak workloads and associated performance

  2. Identify under-utilized resources

  3. Identify storage performance bottlenecks for improved application performance

  4. Create baselines for performance and capacity

  5. Recommend/justify upgrades to align business and IT expectations. 


DATA Storage Assessment